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Very informative and extremely kind and professional attitudes.

 I feel comfortable here. Which is a big deal in my recovery.

You guys are amazing in helping us girls understand our substance abuse to our recovery. Thank you for that! You all are the best, I heart all of you! 

In comparison to other facilities, this is a well educated staff that is dedicated to their program.

Cara has been instrumental in helping learn how to manage and improve in my situation. She took extra measures to help during an emergent situation and followed up. 

My case manager Kendra is an angel. I can't put into words how she has helped me. My therapist is great and knowledgeable.

Cedar Ridge is caring and very helpful to my recovery. I thank all the ladies that have helped me meet my needs. Wonderful place to be a part of.

I want to thank everyone involved in my recovery.  Everyone has been very helpful, kind, caring and supportive.  I honestly couldn't have asked for a better place for the opportunity given to me here.  I thank you all. 

I was able to watch myself grow through this program.  Very beneficial! 

I'm so thankful for everyone.  The staff and Landing saved my life.  Thanks for having me.