Cedar Ridge 2022 Service Catalog

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Here at CRBHS, we are different than other outpatient mental health and substance abuse facilities. We provide on-site assessment, therapy, and group counseling in the school setting. While other outpatient agencies commonly rely upon traditional office-based therapy, CRBHS focuses on the delivery of services within the community. Acknowledging the environmental influences on emotional and behavioral development, CRBHS therapist offer services in the comfort of the client's home, or the convenience of their school while ensuring that privacy and confidentiality are maintained.

CRBHS can provide a structured plan (specific days and times for sessions/groups) to ensure the services provided are not disruptive to the school or organization. Specifically, group therapy courses can be offered to your students/employees/families at your location over several different areas including but limited to: Anti-Bulling & Nonviolent Communication, Anger Management & Conflict Resolution, Grief & Loss, Self-Esteem/Self-Awareness, Substance Abuse, Stress Management & Coping Skills to name just a few. Additional group therapy courses can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the target audience.

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Offering the “in-house” outpatient services offered by CRBHS is an added benefit to any organization. Your employees and/or students will have the opportunity to connect with services that they may not have otherwise have had. If your organization is a school, CRBHS provides an alternative to repeated discipline for behavioral issues by identifying the problem and reaching a solution to help prevent further disruptions. Providing outpatient mental health services can also help reduce liability for your organization to identify and treat early signs of violence & emotional/behavioral issues.

Allow CRBHS staff to work along-side you in providing high quality services to families in your community. For schools and organizations wishing to learn more about partnership opportunities, don't wait! Contact us today!