Recovery Housing

Cedar Ridge offers what is known as a "Level III" housing structure.

Our recovery housing offers a supervised living environment that has staff connected to our larger outpatient organization. Support services include life skill development, budgeting, and employment skills. Cedar Ridge staff provide services onsite for residents living in the recovery housing. Peer support and recovery action planning are part of the central focus of the support provided in the housing environment.

Services Provided On-Site at the Recovery House

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Urinalysis
  • Job Development
  • Medication Mangement
  • Mental Health Services
  • AoD Services


Recovery Housing is for people in recovery from substance use disorders. It provides an alcohol and drug-free living environment, peer support, assistance with getting addiction treatment and other recovery assistance.

Recovery Housing & Treatment

Addiction treatment and recovery housing are part of the Cedar Ridge continuum of recovery. Individuals living in recovery housing participate in addiction treatment and other behavioral health services.

This safe and sober living environment is designed to help build a strong foundation in recovery. Residents provide peer support to one another and encourage each other to remain abstinent from alcohol and other drugs and focused on a healthy and purposeful life.

What Can Be Expected In Recovery Housing

  • A positive recovery -focused environment with support for abstinence
  • Peer support that involves giving and receiving of practical help
  • Connection to community services including addiction treatment
  • Life skill development and employment
  • Structure and routines designed to support a life in recovery
  • A sense of community fostered by the residents in the house