Cedar Ridge COVID-19 Rapid Testing

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Results within 20 minutes!

What type of test is performed?

Cedar Ridge uses two types of COVID-19 testing to check for active infection. Rapid-result testing performs antigen testing, which returns results within 20-30 minutes. Lab testing locations perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, which returns results within 2-3 days. If you are getting your testing for a specific purpose such as travel, please ensure you are selecting the proper test required by your airline, destination or other requiring organization. Certain travel destinations and airlines do not accept rapid-result testing.  The scheduling link below is for the RAPID COVID-19 TESTING ONLY! 

We do not administer antibody tests, which indicate whether the patient has been infected in the past.

For more information regarding the testing type used for COVID-19 RAPID Testing at Cedar Ridge - please click here. 

How is my sample for testing collected?

While you remain in the vehicle, you will be swabbed to collect a sample of nasal secretions. This is done by inserting the swab into your nostril approximately 1 inch into the nasal passage (midway) with the most visible drainage or the nostril that is most congested if drainage is not present. The swab is rotated several times, removed gently and this process is repeated on the other side. 

How and when will I get results?

Results for rapid testing are generally returned within 20-30 minutes by an onsite provider. Wait in a vehicle or outside the facility until results are ready. When the results are ready, the onsite provider will call you and or come out to your vehicle to discuss your results. 

How are results determined?

Trained medical staff analyze specimen swabs in a CLIA certified laboratory operated by Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions. 

What Cedar Ridge locations can I get tested at? 

Currently we are only offering COVID-19 Rapid Testing at our Cambridge Ohio outpatient facility located at 841 Steubenville Ave, Cambridge OH 43725.  We are planning on adding additional locations including our Zanesville Ohio facility soon. 

How much does it cost and can my Insurance be billed?

The cost of the COVID-19 RAPID Test is $50.00.  Cedar Ridge does not directly bill insurance companies for COVID-19 Rapid Testing.  Individuals being tested may be able to seek reimbursement for testing through their insurance company. 

What happens if my test is positive?

If your result is positive you must self-isolate and/or wear a mask or face covering as directed by local health departments and authorities in an effort to avoid infecting others.  It is highly recommended and encouraged that you contact your primary healthcare provider to seek care and treatment if your condition worsens.  For any positive COVID-19 result - Cedar Ridge is required to notify the individual's local health department.  

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