Medication Assisted Treatment

The person-centered approach we take to our Medication Assisted Treatment means not only meeting the clinical treatment needs of the individuals we serve but also providing education and support in learning the “active recovery skills” needed to maintain healthy habits and a lasting recovery.

Our Medication Assisted Treatment Program combines our intensive treatment programming with the medication VIVITROL (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension). VIVITROL is the first and only once-monthly non-addictive treatment shown to prevent relapse to opioid dependence following detox and treatmetn of alcohol dependence. To be effective, VIVITROL must be used with other drug recovery programs such as counseling/treatment.

VIVITROL services provided onsite at each of our locations include:

  • Assessment and screening to determine appropriate program admission requirements.
  • Injections
  • All counseling/treatment services
  • Services by Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Counselors, and Case Managers


  • VIVITROL's long-acting formula means the injection is administered once a month.
  • VIVITROL doesn't lead to physical dependence.
  • Stopping VIVITROL treatment doesn't cause withdrawal.
  • The Cedar Ridge VIVITROL program requires participation in the agency's Medication Assisted Treatment through the use of intensive outpatient services.
  • Clients scheduled to receive VIVITROL injections must be opioid free/drug free prior to receiving the injection. In addition, clients will be drug screened on a weekly basis while in the program.
  • For more information on our Medication Assisted Treatment Program, please call 855-692-7247 to speak with our medical team.